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January 2016



“Interior design is about experience,” says Gideon Mendelson. “Every space has a story to tell. Function always comes first for me, but the decorative elements on top of the function really lend to that story.” A graduate of Columbia University with a degree in architecture, Mendelson pursued his interest in line, form, color, and ornament at the New York School of Interior Design before founding the Mendelson Group in 2003, a firm dedicated to creating timeless, comfortable spaces that reflect each client’s particular interests and aspirations. “There’s nothing more enjoyable than walking into a space and your eyes opening up a little bit wider and you’re not really realizing why,” says the interior designer, who strongly believes that thoughtfully planned and executed spaces can enhance and enrich lives. “We can make people think. We can make people engage with each other. That’s exciting.“


A client-focused approach with an eye toward modern comfort and stimulating detail. “The key to design is to be a great listener, to understand who we are designing for. We are expressing ideas for them—it’s not for us.”


Inspired by...

...trying new things. “Inspiration can come from fashion, from nature, from what we see on the streets of New York. But it’s usually through dialogue with the client that it becomes very clear what a space is supposed to be.”


Mood Board:

Bold and subtle patterns. Venetian plaster walls. Decorative objects and arrangements that encourage thoughtful interaction.


“I start with pattern. I tend to start with floor coverings as a jumping-off point—but it depends on the client. Some clients may love pattern on the walls.”

"We spend so much of our time at home...and every space has a story to tell."

Every home needs...

...decorative elements that lend detail to the story of the space and richness, interest, and warmth to the lives of the people who live in it.

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The BEST part of designing in New York:

“People [here] are open to trying new things, taking risks... all the beautiful things end up in New York.”

The Best of the Best: Antiques Week Begins


Whether you’re an avid art collector, dedicated design connoisseur, or simply curious about what all the hullabaloo surrounding Antiques Week is about and looking for a fun way to combat cabin fever, we hope you’ll keep the evening of Thursday, January 28th open to attend the Winter Antiques Show’s festive Young Collectors Night. You’ll have a chance to survey an astounding array of art and objects that would rival the inventory of the world’s most prestigious museums, all while enjoying cocktails, small bites, and the good company of fellow art, design, and history lovers.


New York magazine Design Editor Wendy Goodman has recruited a battalion of the design world's top talents to serve on the evening’s Interior Design Committee, including Best & Company founder and CEO Chip Brian. And Best & Company’s Business Development Director, Dana Sandberg (who happens to hold a BA in Art History from U. Penn. and an MA in Modern Art Connoisseurship and the History of the Art Market from Christie’s accredited Master’s program) has stepped up to serve on Young Collectors Night’s Benefit Committee.


Come join us! Reserve your tickets here.

Are You a Collector?


If so…you are in good company. Some of the design world’s top talents look to the past for inspiration and objects that bring beauty and character to the interiors they create—whether traditional or modern. Listen to what a few of our favorite designers—including Alexander Doherty, Darren Henault, Kati Curtis, Gideon Mendelson, Damon Liss and Thom Filicia—have to say about art, antiques, and collecting, in these clips from Best & Company’s exclusive In Good Company video series. 

Gone but Not Forgotten: Best & Company Brings Goop to Life


Every new beginning is some other beginning's end: Chrismas Eve was closing time for the glamorous Goop holiday market, a custom retail project we had the pleasure of bringing to life from raw space on behalf of Robin Standefer and Stephen Alesch of the award-winning New York design firm Roman and Williams Buildings and Interiors. Best and Company was proud to be tapped by R & W's creative team to shepherd goop.comGwyneth Paltrow’s virtual apothecary/fashion catalogue/cookbook/advice column—to luxurious reality for one brief month before Christmas as a pop-up boutique at the Shops at Columbus Circle at New York's Time Warner Center. Our general contracting teams worked like elves around the clock to create a memorable custom façade and interior modeled after the actress/lifestyle guru’s own Tribeca residence. See the beautiful interior, below. And find out more about the project here:  Architectural Digest, Habitually Chic, People's “Style Watch” and

In Good Company with Alexander Doherty

In Good Company with Darren Henault

In Good Company with Gideon Mendelson

In Good Company with Kati Curtis

In Good Company with Damon Liss

In Good Company with Thom Filicia

In with the New...and the Old, Too
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