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February 2015



In the New York design community, John Douglas Eason is admired as much for his warmth, charm, and impeccable sense of personal style as he is for creating comfortable, cultured interiors that reflect his tailored take on glamour. A native of Texas, this talented interior designer has developed a portfolio of New York projects that reflect his passion for precise lines, organic textures, and artful objects that make strong, modern design statements.

The team from Best & Company first had the pleasure of working for John Douglas Eason Interiors at the 2014 Kips Bay Decorator Show House, where he transformed the limestone grand staircase of the landmark Villard Houses’ north wing into a showstopping jewel box.  That project—carried from concept to completion in less than six weeks—neatly sums up John’s elegant design sensibility as well as his meticulous organizational skills.


Handsome, tailored, textural, layered.

Inspired by:

The classic black-and-white films of the 1930s and ’40s, evoked in the fitted fashions worn by Bette Davis, Joan Crawford, and the incomparable Cary Grant. “Think about those movies, and the gorgeous, tailored clothing they wore—how precise. I love that kind of precision, and I think that is also evident in the work that I do.”

Mood Board:

Suiting fabrics. Windowpane plaids. Cashmere. Woven linens. Objects of art.

"If you’re bored look up! In New York, there’s nearly always some element on a building or some piece of architecture—something you’ve never seen, that’s right in front of you—if you’ll just look up."

Every home needs...

“...a place where you can put your feet up.”



Smoky grays, charcoal, and wood tones. “I enjoy deep saturated color. In my own apartment, I have used a color I call plum—a rich deep purple."


The BEST part of working in New York:

“No day is ever the same. And I never finish the day and think, ‘Oh, gawd. That was the longest day on the face of the earth.’ I finish the day and I’m like, ‘Why don’t we have two more hours?!!’“

In Good Company © 2015 Best & Company.  All rights reserved. | Best & Co. thanks John Douglas Eason | | Cary Grant Style:  A Celebration of Style,  by Richard Torregrossa;

Introducing: In Good Company 
Best & Company’s new online video series takes you behind the scenes with the creative professionals who are renovating New York City now 

New York City is perpetually transforming itself. We can see it on the streets, in our stores and showrooms, and—more dramatically than ever before—in the personality-filled places we call home. 


As builders of fine custom residential interiors, we have often wondered where the architects, designers, artisans, and tastemakers whose environments inspire us most gather their inspiration. What are their greatest influences? What makes them tick—or ticks them off—when it comes to contemporary style?


For answers, Best & Company invited a number of the talented professionals we have had the honor of working with—or dream of working with—to share their opinions, memories, and design preferences and predictions on the record. The result: Season 1 of In Good Company, our new online video series of designer profiles and an accompanying collection of insightful Q&As. Honest, fun, smart, passionate, and informative: We believe you’ll enjoy hearing what these creative thinkers have to say as much as we have.  


Look for the premiere of In Good Company on February 25th, and a new installment every few weeks, at And don’t miss our quick Q&A "pop quiz" features, debuting today!

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