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December 2015



“When you know how something is constructed, you can design things more purposely,” says Darren Henault. Recognized by friends and colleagues—and on Vanity Fair’s 2013 International Best-Dressed List—for his impeccable sartorial judgment, Henault is an interior designer who knows very well how to dress a room. “Some places I’ve done have been incredibly ornate—really over the top, very formal—and then I’ve done places that are super-tailored, really clean,” he says. What all of Henault’s interiors have in common is a fearless appreciation for artistry, craftsmanship, and dramatic detail, played out in bespoke cabinetry, custom furniture, and textiles embellished with passementarie, tufting, piping, and hand-stitching. A little gilding? Bring it on. Fine art and antiques? Most definitely. But always remember that these are spaces to live in, the designer (and proud dad of twin girls) cautions. “It’s never been my goal to create period rooms. I like when things are real,” says Henault, whose own Fifth Avenue residence, in enviable proximity to Central Park and Bergdorf’s, is filled with his signature blend of custom upholstery, luxurious trimmings and the practical comforts of everyday life, from books to children’s toys. “I don’t want people to only really experience a room the first few times they walk into it, and from there on in, it’s background,” says the designer. “I want the space to be a part of their lives.”


“I run a range from ‘very traditional’ to ‘tailored traditional’”—with all the trimmings.

Inspired by:

“My dad had textile mills when I was a kid, and every summer I would have to work in one of his mills. Usually I worked in the dye lab, or I worked in his weaving plant for a couple of summers, and I learned how things were made.”

"I like rooms that are richer and deeper. That is luxury, not any individual thing."

Every home needs...

“comfort, beauty, and a little bit of luxury.”


Mood Board:

Layers of texture: shiny, matte, and gilt finishes. Custom textiles and passementerie. Antiques—things that are “real…have been used, touched, and banged around.”

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The best part of living and working in
New York…

all the details, from different periods and different cultures. “It’s more interesting when things are mixed up a little bit.”


The Season’s Best, with Best & Company

The 2015 holiday season has brought Best & Company some special projects, and a chance to celebrate the talents and achievements of friends near and far. Thank you, dear clients and colleagues, for making us a part of your lives. Wherever you are spending your holiday season, we wish you the very BEST.  And we look forward to working with you, and spending time in your good company, in the year to come.


Happy Holidays

from all of us at Best & Company

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