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July 2015



Damon Liss has a way of bringing high-end residential interiors together in a way that looks easy. But there is both a collector’s eye for detail and a businessman’s attention to planning, deadlines, and budgets at work in this talented interior designer’s careful selection and integration of sofas and chairs, artwork and lighting, pillows and curtains, rugs and hardware, color and pattern. Best & Company has had the pleasure of working for Damon Liss Design on several exciting NYC projects, but we were especially honored when Damon and his wife and business partner, Lisa, selected our general contracting and millwork teams to execute his plan to gut renovate the downtown Manhattan loft they share with their two school-age daughters.  Damon compares the process of making everything work together to moving around the “pieces of a puzzle.” When the project is complete, every individual element fits with the all others “just so,” and there’s a strong sense that the resulting interior looks, feels, and functions exactly the way it was always meant to. Welcome home. 


“We can design anywhere in the bell curve of modern. And we really appreciate the layers that make things more ‘lived in.’”


Inspired by:

“My father designed high-end, made-to-measure women’s clothing. And my mother worked for my father. They had three stores on Madison, one in London, one in Paris. They loved fashion and design. It was a big influence.” 


Palette + Pattern:

Quiet color and pattern that work together to add personality and comfort. 


Mood Board:

Mohair-upholstered walls. Silk and wool rugs. Aged leather. Live-edge, wood-slab tabletops. Dressmaker details, like button tufting. Contemporary art.

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"We want to create inviting, beautiful environments that you gravitate toward and spend time in."

The BEST part of working in New York:

“New York has all these constraints that make you think. You can’t put a bathroom anywhere you want, or build a wall anywhere you want. You need to be thoughtful about it…and you need to be efficient.” 


Every home needs...

“…intimate spaces and seating areas within larger spaces. You see homes with giant open spaces and people go to the ‘den’ to watch their TV. We say, ‘Why not put the TV in the living room?’ Use and enjoy the space!”


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