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January 2013

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BEST & COMPANY goes behind the scenes of three inspiring makeovers with international designer ALEXANDER DOHERTY.

BEST — From Start to Finish

At Best & Company we prides ourselves on our commitment to completing every project we start on-time, on-spec, and on-budget. We understand that a great finish makes every effort worthwhile, and it is our promise to our clients that we are with you for the long haul—checking and double checking our work, to the last mile, yard, inch, breath, eyelash. We'll stand with you step by step, and stand by our work in the years to come. 


This month, Best & Company clients will celebrate the completion of a number of projects, including this spectacular 4,000-square-foot duplex in Tribeca, renovated in collaboration with New York designer Damon Liss.

Total time for completion: 4 months


What we did:
A main stainless-steel staircase now connects the floors of the duplex. We sheathed the steps in the same oak that was used on the floor.  Wire cabling was added for the client’s children to hold—a step that also brought the stair up to code.  The head of the staircase opens into the kitchen, which was gutted and redesigned. 

Oak floors: Sanded to pronounce the grain, the floors were given a simple stain of dark Tung Oil by Sutherland and Wells to encourage a grounded, luxurious walk-through.

Pocket doors: Replaced with quality hinged doors with polished-chrome pulls.

Master Bathroom: Installed a dual open shower and a stylish egg tub; the frameless shower enclosure contains splashes without impeding the open feel of the spalike room.

Bathroom: Large stone slabs replaced the bare-looking terrace flooring. Risers were placed underneath to allow drainage. The stones are free-standing to allow for expansion during the freezing NYC winter.

Kitchen: A Henrybuilt kitchen was fitted with stainless-steel Sub-Zero appliances, matching fixtures, and an integrated stereo system. High- gloss teal lacquer was used on ceiling paneling and matching pantry cabinetry.

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