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April 2016

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Spring Inspiration: The Feeling of Being at Home
At Home With Richard Rabel


Sotheby’s third annual Designer Showhouse will open on April 9th, with the exhibition continuing through to their dedicated auction on April 17th.  Interior design firms are curating twelve different rooms that will offer fresh perspectives on the art of home décor. Best & Company is already at work on a foyer/gallery space for designer and art advisor, Richard Rabel. 


Check out some of Richard's tips from his Sotheby's interview.

  • What’s important in decorating foyers and galleries “…are chic finishes on the walls, ceilings and floors, stylish lighting, a place to sit briefly and, in the case of the foyer, a place to keep your keys.” 

  • The Showhouse foyer should be “…monastically simple and yet embraces a modern vision of the Baroque – a place with a well-balanced mix of textures and materials set in a sombre setting.”

  • Antiques “…infuse a certain soul and add gravitas to spaces that few new items can.”

  • And most importantly, “for assistance in putting it all together, my go-to contractor is Best and Company.”

Rustic Accents Can Make Your House Feel Like Home


Spring is the perfect time to start that home improvement project you've put off all winter.  Houzz editors shared one of the best ways to make your space to feel like home--by introducing a little human touch with an element of rustic charm. Check out one of their top examples: a kitchen built by Best & Company, featured in this editorial ideabook.  


Here are some of other ways to bring a little rustic soul to a space of any style: woven baskets, quirky ladders, table islands, exposed cookware, soft rustic paint, driftwood, wide planks, worn-in chairs, quilts, and unexpected furniture.


On a mission to rescue the Nazario family with George to the Rescue
An attic space is transformed into a multipurpose media and play room 

Best & Company was thrilled to collaborate with beloved George Oliphant of NBC's George to the Rescue to transform an unfinished and unused attic space for a family of four. The Nazarios purchased their first home here in Middle Village, Queens, in 2012. While to date they had tackled most home improvement challenges on their own, they dared not take on the cold, dark, and dreary attic that their youngest son, Andrew, had long envisioned as his playroom. To make matters worse, the intimidating space seemed hopelessly off-limits given that Andrew suffers from severe asthma, and temperature fluctuations up there only exacerbated his symptoms.

Enter George to the Rescue, along with Best & Company and our talented friends at Frampton Co. and Osbee Industries, to transform this desolate garret into a joyful lair of function and fun for the whole family. Catch Best & Company on this all-new episode of GTTR on Saturday, April 23rd at 10am on NBC.



Check out Best & Company this Saturday at 10am on NBC!

Watch the Full Episode of GTTR: Transforming an Attic Into Family Space
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